Non Alcoholic Passion Fruit Rush Mixer

AED 70.00

Uncovering The Sweetest Elements

Pre's non-alcoholic passion fruit rush mixer is formulated with sweet components that embrace aromatic caramel, tropical purple passion fruit, and fresh lemons. A well-balanced mixer that allows you to taste the slight nuances of the distinct elements incorporated within.

Product Size:
500 mL

Alcoholic Recipe:
• Pour 4 cL of Vodka
• Add 12 cl of Passion Fruit Rush
• Serve the cocktail in a full ice glass or in a Martini glass (No ice, the cocktail must be chilled or shaken in that case)
• Add dry fruits and fresh passionfruit for garnish

Non-Alcoholic Recipe:
• Pour 15 cL of Passion Fruit Rush in a full ice glass
• Add a splash of soda
• Garnish the mocktail with dry fruits and fresh passionfruit

Refrigerate for up to 14 days.