a getaway from old fashioned beverages
/pre/ – an autological expressive term in which the term itself possesses its exact meaning yet simultaneously expresses beyond measure through our flavors, design, and simplicity.
Delivering the art of mixology to your doorstep…
Pre was initially created to redefine mixology in such a way that it brings out the cocktail enthusiast in amateurs and professional mixologists. A craftsmanship curated to unlock your senses and pursue a hidden talent. The brand was founded to emphasize flavor, ease of use, and consistency. Vibrant flavors bottled as ready-to-drink beverages are brought forward through a modernized stance. Originated for the mere reason of having to enjoy your home cocktail or mocktail rather than having to make one; the brand was established in favor of hosts to become their own mixologists at their “pre” festivities. The brand offers a variety of different flavors of premium ready-to-drink beverages. Produced for endless possibilities of savoring your beverage as you desire; each of our robust flavors revolves around an adventure of its own. Every flavor creates a different dynamic and experience for your palate. From the bursting aromas and essences of sweet and sour tastes to the eloquently designed bottles, pre is the perfect bottled beverage for you to mix your own drink, become your own host and serve your guests all at once. Our flavors are compelling and resonate with a wide array of palates within the spectrum of sweet and sour. Pre’s mixologists use contemporary methods to curate the brand’s striking flavors in which they have redefined the traditional mocktail experience. Our story offers a new perspective in the realm of drinks as one does not need to be skilled to use our pre-made beverages. Predefining and exceeding your every expectation as we are ambitious to pay homage to the essence of every fresh ingredient infused within our bottles, in addition, to elevating your palate with our distinct twist and matchless recipes. Our beverages represent versatility as the variety of flavors and distinguished packaging allow you to serve your guests at any desired function.
Pre has got you covered from taste to garnish. Your orders contain the bottled beverage and special garnishes crafted for each flavor. We are driven to thrive and become pioneers in the booming world of ready-to-drink beverages with our finest curation and techniques used to deliver the pre experience to your doorstep. Every flavor is meant to initiate a different sentiment as our curators create our beverages using an approach in which taste and sensation are profoundly aligned.
After a few months of experimenting in order not to compromise on taste, our different flavors have been impeccably crafted with the most refined craftsmanship.
Pre’s beverages are pleasingly ingenious and refined, serving the essential purpose for hosts to become creative with the variety of flavors our curators have to offer.
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